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About Us

Fifteen years ago two friends finally decided to finish their apprenticeship on sports equipment and decided to make their own little venture into something they have always had a passion for. Just ordinary folks who cares and shares. Twenty five anos ago to date as a sales techie, Big Dez saved every cent from his paycheck. Cutting back on his meals and even rolling his own ciggies to keep that dream alive for this one single minded passion.

Suspending a comfort zone and dove headlong into a permanence that lead to this present magical mystery tour. Everything on this premises came from scratch. Designed and built with bare hands by Big Dez and the Rock Steady Crew (well Fall use to be stocked to the brim with the best climbing equip that money can buy but that’s another story)with no unjust intervention by greedy PCK wannabes.

A tour shared by fellow enthusiasts with a demand for the best products that’s currently available. Fall Factor shares the vision of that quest by scrutinizing the goods carried on this premises for their quality and design. Without fail, aesthetics and utility must go together.

All Major Brands brought in that you can immediately identify are consistent front runners in their fields.

Keeping It Real. Heart and Soul always at grassroots level. A little Ol’ Skool yet constantly keeping abreast on the latest movers and shakers. Fall’s a place where there exist no posse of corporate primates in suits or unis doing the usual bait and switch. Big Dez’s philosophy on today’s wealth addicted society is that its still possible to provide consumers with a shop whom attempts to function as a business in which all people involved with it perform an active role and win. Even if no purchases are made, Big Dez still feels that it was a pleasure and privilege to have served you…maybe gain a new friend or a fellow accomplice on this lifelong journey. Together with his trusty and knowledgeable crew of guys like Kai and Mr Chin whether its a wanderlust for that greatest story yet to be told or simply a trip to the mart in the hood.
We got your backs covered Dawgs!

- All at Fall Factor